In Review: Dream Controller Starlight XBOX Wireless Controller

When it comes time to play a game, we are spoiled, and have no shortage of options. Most of us (at least in my generation) have fallen to just playing on phones or tablets, as that gives you a quick hit of gametime without the sink that can sometimes come from playing on a console. Still, those phones and tablets – and even your computer – can work with a controller, and give you a very enjoyable experience. And hey, if you’re going to treat yourself, why not do it with a lovely looking option like the Dream Controller Starlight XBOX Wireless Controller?

Now, as you can see from the photos, this controller started life as the standard XBOX wireless controller that works across the modern XBOX consoles these days (and can be found a number of places for around $50). So, the question has to be asked – why pay the premium that one from Dream Controller commands?

Well, for one, they just look cool. Over the years, we’ve seen all manner of customized controllers offered up, or even tutorials for the right type of spray paint to use, or how to apply decals to your controller. Thing is, those might look great at first, but eventually they’re going to wear off, chip, or start peeling up, and now your controller isn’t such a delight to hold.

Enter the world of hydro dipping, or water transfer printing. With this, you have a pattern that floats on the surface of a water tank, and then whatever you want to dip – no matter how weird of shape or contours – that pattern transfers smoothly on and adheres. In my mind, it sort of acts like an all-over decal that’s as thin as a layer of paint. Which means the underlying contours are preserved, and you can get some amazing things happening on the surface. In this, on the XBOX Controller.

Looking at it, of course, the Dream Controller Starlight XBOX Wireless Controller was disassembled so just that top plate was getting dipped (it looks like they’ve got options for the back shell as well if you want that), and you get the pattern going right up to the edges of the plastic. It’s smooth and looks great, and does not impact your grip on the controller. In fact, if it weren’t for the sheer variety of patterns available, you’d say this looks like a stock offering (putting aside the full custom option they have as well).

It’s that sheer variety, plus the low volume of doing these combined with the labor intensive disassembly and reassembly of the controller that helps increase the price of the controller as compared to stock. Will it help your game? No, but it’s going to look very cool in your setup. I mean, if you’re focusing on the aesthetics of your RGB lighting setup, why not some love for the controller?

Oh, and if you’re not into the XBOX layout, they do also offer this on the Nintendo Switch (and headphones). That said, the wireless XBOX controllers have become almost universal (they’ll even play nicely with Apple devices), so you’ll be able to get a good amount of gaming in, no matter the system you’re using. So, go ahead, make your controller very much your own, and keep your sibling from claiming yours! The one we reviewed here, in the Starlight pattern, is currently on sale for $119.99 direct from

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