Google Home App Expands with New Automation Features

Google is expanding the capabilities of its Google Home app, introducing a series of new starters and actions for its Household Routines feature. The tech giant announced that nine new starters and nine new actions are being rolled out, enhancing the home automation capabilities available to users.

These can be accessed via the Automation tab in the Google Home app. The new features include the ability to automate actions based on whether a device is open or closed, plugged in or charging, or docked or undocked. Users can also automate actions based on changes in temperature or humidity, or if a device is muted or unmuted. For example, a user could set up an automation that turns off the thermostat when a window is opened, or turns on the lights when an occupancy sensor detects someone in a room.

In addition to these new starters and actions, Google is also enhancing the capabilities of the Google Home app’s script editor. This tool, designed for advanced users who are comfortable with coding, is gaining four new features. Users will now have access to more camera events for starters, the ability to suppress starters to prevent repeated triggering of an automation, the ability to create customized notifications, and access to Automation logs for debugging purposes.

For instance, users can now set up an automation that triggers a speaker announcement when a package is detected at the door by a Google Nest camera. Users can also specify the conditions that trigger a notification and the text that appears in the notification. These updates follow the launch of the revamped Google Home app in May and the release of a public preview of the script editor tool. Google stated that the script editor tool will offer more than 100 new features and capabilities, providing users with a more personalized understanding of their home and its automation possibilities.

Amanda Reynolds

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