Gnarly Nutrition just dropped two new Hydrate flavors

Gnarly Nutrition Lemonade

Hey, you remember Gnarly Nutrition, right? We checked out some of their stuff here, and they’re back to mix up your flavors with some new limited edition ones for spring. Meet the brand new Gnarly Nutrition Hydrate Flavors.

What we like with these – aside from the new flavors to try – are two specific things. First off, the Gnarly Nutrition Hydrate is a pretty low-calorie way to put some flavor (as well as the hydration electrolytes) into your water – a single scoop is just 30 calories. Secondly, they use ingredients that are clear to understand what they’re putting in there, which is always a benefit.

For their new flavors, you’ve got two summertime classics – Lemonade, and Salted Margarita. The Lemonade, that sounds perfect for those daytime bike rides and hikes. The Salted Margarita, that one seems more for after those evening jogs, perhaps – or if you just need an extra sodium boost. And we won’t tell anyone if you drop some tequila in there, ok?

If you want to pick up one of these new limited-edition flavors, move quickly, as they won’t be around forever. We’ve got the lemonade in to test out (so watch for that review); we believe that pricing should be similar to the existing flavors, at just under $28 for a bag. Check out the details, and order yours, directly at

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