Getting a new iPhone 14? Zagg has you covered!

You know, whenever there’s a new iPhone launch, all of the accessory makers are going to be announcing all sorts of new goodies to go with the phone. With a wide range of products (and price points) for the brands that fall under the Zagg umbrella, they’re some of the best that we’ve seen and tested out (I’ve put InvisibleShield on both my phone and iPad) – so they should be at the top of your list for your new phone.

Why Invisible Shield? Well, for one, it’s a screen protector that just plain works. My phone has stayed perfect, and with my wife’s phone, we’ve had some shattered protectors, but never a broken screen (once we started using InvisibleShield). The other thing I like is the application method. With these, you get a small frame that snaps down around the phone, and helps you to get every aligned properly on the phone. Here’s a quick overview of all of the tempered glass screen protectors they just announced:

  • Glass XTR2 ($59.99) – The strongest screen protection just got stronger. Glass XTR2 is made with Hexiom Impact Technology that makes it over 10% stronger than its predecessor1. Glass XTR2 is engineered to be extremely touch sensitive, featuring a hydrophilic layer that reduces friction as you move your finger across the surface, a feature that makes XTR2 optimal for mobile gaming. We’ve also added an enhanced Eyesafe® blue light filter and anti-reflective technology that enhances color vibrancy and depth. Glass XTR2 boasts these new-to-world features:
    • Anti-reflective Technology: This new treatment significantly decreases reflection and increases the light transmitted to improve your screen’s clarity and enrich the color depth and vibrancy of the images on your screen.
    • Anti-dust Adhesive: Even if a little dust gets on your screen during installation, our new adhesive will install smoothly making any dust particles virtually invisible on your screen.
    • Hexiom Impact Technology optimally absorbs and disperses impacts through its honeycomb micro-structure.
  • Glass Elite ($39.99) – Glass Elite is made with ion exchange technology to increase strength and durability of the aluminosilicate glass. It’s 5x stronger than traditional glass screen protection2.
  • Glass Elite Anti-Glare ($44.99) – Glass Elite Anti-Glare has a matte finish designed to prevent glare from direct light. It’s made with aluminosilicate glass that’s 5x stronger than traditional glass screen protection2. So, you can protect your screen from impact and your eyes from the glare.
  • Glass Elite VisionGuard ($49.99) – With Glass Elite VisionGuard, we’ve added Eyesafe® blue light technology that filters up to 40% of intense blue light in the range of 435-440nm without distorting the color performance of your screen display3.
  • Glass Elite Privacy 360 ($59.99) – Glass Elite Privacy 360 has a 4-way filter that protects your screen from prying eyes, whether it’s in portrait or landscape mode. This screen protector is made with aluminosilicate glass that’s 5x stronger than traditional glass screen protection2. So, you can protect your screen and your privacy.
  • Ultra Eco ($39.99) – Ultra Eco does more than just protect your screen from scratch and shatter damage. It’s made with plant-based materials, as opposed to petroleum-based plastics, so it’s good for the planet4. It also features scientifically formulated smart molecules that heal minor scratches and dings. And Ultra Eco has a smooth surface with advanced clarity, so it looks and feels just like your phone’s own screen.
  • Fusion Eco ($49.99) – Fusion Eco protects your screen and the planet. We use an amazingly strong yet flexible hybrid substance that’s made with plant-based materials4. Fusion Eco absorbs and then disperses the force of impact to protect your screen. Its smooth, glass-like feel and advanced clarity look and feel just like your phone’s own screen.

Of course, with a screen protector, you’re probably also thinking about a brand new case. While I’ve moved to other cases (for a more minimal approach), the protection that their D3O material provides is pretty top-notch. And again, these come at a variety of price points, colors, thicknesses, and the ability to be MagSafe compatible. Here’s a quick rundown of all of the cases (note, these are the non-MagSafe compatible cases; for versions of those, add $10 to the price):

  • Havana ($29.99) – The sleek Havana is more than just a pretty case. We’ve reinforced the top, bottom, and corners with D3O® Bio, a revolutionary material made with up to 45% renewable, plant-based resources with no compromise on impact protection4, to give you up to 10 feet (3m) of drop protection6. It’s eco-friendly too: you can remove the bumpers and recycle the case when you’re finished with it. Available in black, blue, and purple.
  • Rio ($39.99) – The Rio case has a sleek, black exterior with a soft-touch finish that feels great in your hand. Rio incorporates unbeatable D3O® impact protection to provide your phone with up to 13 feet (4m) of drop protection6. Available in black.
  • Copenhagen ($39.99) – The recyclable Copenhagen case is made with D3O Bio, giving you up to 13 feet (4m) of drop protection6. So, you can protect your device and the planet. Available in black.
  • Crystal Palace ($39.99) – The gorgeous Crystal Palace case provides up to 13 feet (4m) of drop protection6. Made with D3O® Crystalex™, the most protective transparent material for phone cases, this slim case shows off your iPhone while protecting it from impact and scratches.

These releases are going to be available for all of the iPhone 14 models: iPhone 14, Plus, Pro, and Pro Max; they’ve even got some goodies for the Apple Watch Series 8 and the new Apple Watch SE. Check everything out at

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