Dark Souls 3 Exploit Leaves Computers Vulnerable

A new RCE, or remote control exploit, has been discovered in the video game Dark Souls 3, allowing malicious parties to take control of your computer. The RCE was first seen during a twitch stream, in which The_Grim_Sleeper was playing on the online version of the game. Shortly before the stream ended, the streamer’s game crashed, and the Microsoft text-to-speech generator voice began criticizing the streamers’ gameplay. After the stream’s end, The_Grim_Sleeper reported that Powershell had opened, indicating that the hacker had used the program to run a script on its own. 

Interestingly, the “hacker” was only attempting to make the exploit known to Dark Souls Developer FromSoftware’s, who had repeatedly ignored their attempts at communication. Following the exploits discovery, Dark Souls 3’s online servers were taken offline, presumably to fix the vulnerability.

Image from Dark Souls 3

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