CES 2023: Monoprice CNC Router

While we may expect to see 3D printers showing up on the floor at CES, one thing I was really not expecting to see an announcement of was a tabletop CNC mill (well, ok, they call it a router). Myself, I’ve not seen the need for a printer, but a small machine like the Monoprice CNC Router, well, that could be quite useful.

Now, to be sure – if you’re using the Monoprice CNC Router, you’re not about to start up production of, say, pocket knives made from hardened steel. That’s not what this is for. Sure, it can handle softer metals (say, like copper, brass, or aluminum), but this is more intended for cutting into woods and plastics.

Moving on 3 axis, the Monoprice CNC Router should give you a decent amount of freedom, provided you can fit your workpiece under the boom, and clamp it to the table. Once in place, it’ll need to be hooked to a Windows PC to be able to program and get cutting. Once you’re setup, though, you’re just limited by your imagination as far as what you can cut out.

So, whether you’re looking to engrave your name onto your cases, or maybe just try cutting out an amazing new jigsaw puzzle, this workbench-ready Monoprice CNC Router should get the job done. And, at $299, it’s not going to break the bank, either. monoprice.com

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