Ampere’s Dusk Sunglasses sunglasses darken via app

Electrochromic windows are ones that darken or become opaque when power is applied. The common application for this is a conference room where you want to hold a confidential meeting. But what if you could shrink that tech down, jam it in some sunglasses, or ski glasses, and make them also able to play audio? If you did all that, you’d have Ampere’s Dusk sunglasses.

Ampere's Dusk Sunglasses

Ampere showed Dusk at the Showstoppers event at CES 2023. The sunglasses don’t look much different from regular sunglasses, they’re just slightly thicker. When using the app, the switch between light and darkening of the lens is instant. There’s no discernible delay at all.

Ampere's Dusk Sunglasses

Ampere’s Dusk Sunglasses: Music

While I was wearing the glasses, the Ampere Dusk began playing music. It wasn’t like listening with headphones, but it wasn’t bad, either.

Ampere's Dusk Sunglasses

Dusk, and Dusk Lite (no audio) are both wayfarer-like sunglasses. Dusk Sport are tint-adjustable sports sunglasses with audio and the expected electrochromic lenses. They’re meant for athletes who need the control over tinted lenses that Ampere provides.

Dusk Sport is available on a crowdfunding campaign with 21 days left at time of writing. Check it out at

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