Cellutane unveils Pokemon-inspired reclining chair

Japanese furniture manufacturer Cellutane has introduced a reclining chair that is as eye-catching as it is unique. The chair is inspired by the Pokémon Sizzlipede, a fiery insect-like creature known for its multitude of legs. The design is strikingly reminiscent of the creature, appearing to be a colossal version of Sizzlipede plucked directly from the game.

This chair is not only a must-have for Pokémon enthusiasts but also for those who are intrigued by the idea of lounging atop a gigantic insect. The chair’s design is as functional as it is visually appealing. It features a reclining back, allowing it to be used in either an upright or flat position. This versatility is impressive, especially considering the chair’s sleek aesthetics. Cellutane even suggests that the chair, when in its flat position, could serve as a comfortable sleeping spot, offering a whimsical alternative to traditional bedding.

In terms of dimensions, the chair measures 91cm in height and 90cm in seat depth when in the upright position, as per the manufacturer’s website. However, when reclined flat, it expands to an impressive 181cm, likely to occupy a substantial portion of most living rooms. Regardless of its position, the chair maintains a spacious width of 68cm. However, this unique piece of furniture comes with a price tag.

Currently, the chair is retailing for ¥14,990, which is approximately $101 or £81. While this might not seem exorbitant for a large piece of furniture, potential buyers in the UK and the US should be prepared for significant shipping costs due to the chair’s size. Cellutane’s foray into Pokémon-themed furniture is not a new venture.

The company already offers a range of charming armchairs inspired by popular Pokémon characters like Snorlax and Ditto. In addition, they sell small Ottoman stools that mimic the design of the iconic Poké Ball. This means that a dedicated Pokémon fan could, in theory, furnish their entire home with Pokémon-themed seating. For those in the market for new chairs, particularly gaming chairs, it’s worth noting that there are numerous guides available to help navigate the best Black Friday gaming chair deals and the best Black Friday gaming deals. These resources can assist in finding current offers and getting the most value for your money. This Pokémon-themed reclining chair from Cellutane is just one of the many unique and interesting options available to consumers in the ever-evolving world of furniture design.

John Biggs

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