Campfire Audio is giving us another chance

You remember Campfire Audio, right? They’ve been turning out solid in-ear monitors (IEMs) that we’ve both written about and reviewed. That means they’ve got a solid bench of past models, some of which have been super popular (and unavailable in some cases). Well, their new marketplace should help with that. Introducing CampfireAudio.Market.

What does this market get you? They’ll be offering three categories of products:

  • A-Stock and NOS
    • A-Stock products are in new factory-fresh condition; generally overstock or discontinued
    • NOS: these are products that are out of production, have not previously been sold to a customer, and are in new factory-fresh condition
  • B-Stock
    • Any newly made earphones that have the slightest cosmetic blemish are categorized as B-Stock. Each B-Stock item is tested just like any other to ensure that the sonic qualities are uncompromised. B-Stock products are brand new and have not been used or previously sold.
  • Pre-owned
    • The Campfire Audio Marketplace offers a wide range of Pre-Owned IEMs in a variety of condition ratings
    • Like-New: Indistinguishable from an A-stock product, but has at some point left our shop and been returned to us.
    • Very Good: Small, almost unnoticeable cosmetic defects and very little signs of overall use. Perhaps 1-2 small cosmetic blemishes.
    • Good: Some noticeable cosmetic defects, but only displaying signs of wear commensurate with a brief period of ownership and use.
    • Acceptable: Anything with heavier signs of wear or significant enough damage that it precludes it from being considered good condition. Acceptable rated IEMs can have a wider range of cosmetic conditions.

In other words, it’s a way for you to get ahold of IEMs that you might not otherwise have been able to, due to it not being available or simply out of your price range. Check out the current offerings over at CampfireAudio.Market.

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