Amazon Prime Day 2022 Deals – guitars, projectors, and more

Amazon Prime Day is here, and there are deals on XGIMI projectors to meet every price range. If you play guitar, Donner guitars has deals for you. And if you’re feeling the summer heat, Dreo has air filters, fans, and AC units to help you keep cool.

XGIMI Projectors

I love a good projector. If the room is dark or the screen is good, an Ultra Short Throw like the XGIMI Aura can be far better than a TV for size.

MoGo Pro drops from $499 to $399
Halo drops from $749 to $599
Horizon drops from $999 to $899
Horizon Pro drops from $1899 to $1615
Elfin drops from $649 to $479
Aura drops from $2799 to $2379

DREO home appliances

Veikk pen tablets

  • VK1060 drops from $57.99 to $46.39
  • VK1060PRO drops from $69.99 to $55.99
  • VK1200 drops from $219.99 to $175.99


A good DAC, or digital audio converter, can make your music sound its best, if you have good headphones and a lossless audio source like Tidal or Apple Music. Check out the Bolt DAC below if that’s you.

Donner Musical Instruments

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