Afternoon Beer Break: Stone Brewing Dayfall

If you’re looking for a cool beverage at the end of a warm day, you’re probably thinking of a pilsner, lager, or IPA. But why not something a bit more Belgian? Sure, they tend to be a bit more spiced (which puts one in mind of colder weather) but why not a Belgian White? From my recent trial of the Stone Brewing Dayfall, this is a solid option for those summer evenings.

What is a Belgian White? I’m glad you asked –this article will clear it up. To put it shortly, it’s a wheat beer that often appears hazy when poured into a glass (much like those delicious hazy IPAs). As with other witbiers, the Stone Brewing Dayfall embraces some flavor additives, in this case orange peel and coriander. Along with the citra hops (which I’m more used to seeing in an IPA), you’ve got a delicious bit of citrus going on here.

On the nose, the Stone Brewing Dayfall has a mildly spiced nose, but nowhere near what you’d expect from, say, a Belgian Dubbel or Trippel. When you take that first sip, the mildness continues, giving you that orange and spices. Sort of, you know, like a light and fluffy citrus spice cake, just in beer form. Unlike a cake, this is an easy-sipping beer, quite light and smooth.

The Stone Brewing Dayfall does come in at 5.5%, so it’s not quite what one may consider to be a crushable or sessionable beer, but if you’re sitting around the backyard in the evening, a couple of these over the course of the night should be alright (but know your limits, and as always, never, EVER drive if you’ve been drinking). The Stone Brewing Dayfall was just introduced in March, so be on the lookout for it in your local shop.

Details from Stone Brewing

  • STYLE:Belgian White
  • ABV: 5.5%
  • IBUs: 13
  • AVAILABILITY: Nationwide
  • FEATURED HOPS: American Noble Citra
  • FLAVOR PROFILE: Up front citrus including orange, lemon, and lime, with floral and a light herbal component
  • PALATES: light tartness, medium-body, and a smooth finish with lingering citrus
  • SPECIAL INGREDIENTS: Bergamot orange peel and coriander
  • APPEARANCE: Inviting deep gold with haze and a thin white head
  • AROMA: Integrated aromas of orange, citrus, floral, spice, honey, along with subtle notes of grain/graham cracker

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