Afternoon Beer Break: 805 Original

That’s right friends, it’s time for another afternoon beer break. And with the record heat sweeping the nation and world, what better way to usher in the weekend with a crisp, cold beverage? Last time we talked to you about 805, we were focused on their newest recipe, their Cerveza. This time, we’re going with their first, the 805 Original.

What is it?

The 805 Original is a blonde ale, coming in at a very moderate (for these days) 4.7% ABV, and just 15 IBUs. It’s crisp, it’s clean, and it’s light – a perfect post-yardwork sip, or even for a day at the beach. For those folks who tend to feel like some smaller breweries do too much with flavors and adjuncts in their beer, the 805 Original is great way to go, because it’s none of those things.

What’s it like in the glass?

Pouring out the 805 Original, you’re greeted with a rich, golden hue. You can generate a bit of a head with the pour, but those bubbles dissipate with relative ease. Raising the glass up, your nose is greeted with a clean beer scent, with a hint of a slight grapefruit note in there. As far as taste goes, it’s again clean and crisp, with a slight floral note in there as well (we’re guessing that’s coming from whatever hops are used in the brewing). Worried about an aftertaste? None of that here, friends, just a clean finish.

Where can I get it?

If you want to add the 805 Original to your fridge for the weekend, you should find it anywhere you’re already seeing Firestone Walker offerings. A 6-pack of 12 oz cans will run $8-11, while a 12-pack comes in at $19.99.

Details from 805

  • ABV: 4.7%
  • IBU: 15
  • Ingredients: hops, malts, yeast, water

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