Pro-Ject drops a new phono linear power supply, the Power Box RS 2

So look, I don’t know if you’re as into vinyl as I am but when I’m looking for great sound I like to slap a licorice pizza on the old turntable and rock out. The Pro-Ject Power Box RS2 Phono will give you more great sound by filtering and maintaining a steady and solid power steam to your turntable and pre-amp.

That’s right: this $1199 device is a power supply for Pro-Ject turntables and pre-amps that makes your vinyl sound better. While it might be a stretch to spend a grand on a power supply, given the lengths folks will go to wring a little more sound out of their rigs I could see the value.

The RS2 features a high filtration capacity (10.000μF) with low ESR capacitors and low-noise components with surge protection. This means you’ll reduce noticeable hiss from your speakers when running these with a 15V powered turntable and pre-amp. It can power any 15V turntable and any 18-20V Pro-Ject phono pre-amp.

The whole package is shipping to dealers and it might be a must-have if you want to amp your turntable up to eleven.

John Biggs

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