Now Funding: Tiny Epic Dungeons

Back in the days where we actually used to go into the office, a group of us at work had the habit of playing games over lunch. This constrained things to stuff that could be played more quickly, and introduced a number of interesting ones. One that we enjoyed quite a bit was Tiny Epic Galaxies by Gamelyn Games. They’ve actually got quite a few “Tiny Epic” games, and one of the latest is on Kickstarter now – Tiny Epic Dungeons.

One thing that can tricky with a TTRPG is needing to get everyone together, as well as having someone who can come up with the story idea and keep things going. On the other hand, with Tiny Epic Dungeons, you can get up and going, delving through a dungeon that is created on the fly, for just you, or up to a total of 4 players (all co-op). Wondering how the game works? Well, here’s a video that helps to explain it:

Based on my own experience with the Tiny Epic games, and interest in this sort of theme/setting, Tiny Epic Dungeons really feels like an insta-buy for me. And, apparently, a lot of other folk, as the funding is sitting at over $1,000,000. That’s nothing to sneeze at, as pricing starts at just $25 for a game that will be big on fun, and small on your shelf. The campaign closes out on March 17th, with shipping anticipated for December 2021. campaign page

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