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Whether we’re talking watches or gadgets, we seem to be enamored by the light they put off. When it comes to our EDC items, though, we don’t have a lot of light emission past the occasional tritium tube or actual lume inset. Well, with you the GambleMade Phob, not only can you add a sizeable amount of glow to your carry, you can also keep your pocket organized.

At it’s basic level, the Phob is a 2.5″ long, well, fob, that can clip onto your bag or pocket. The way this is assembled (out of ten components) means, theoretically, the metals used here can be swapped around, or even get different finishes in there; at the moment, we’ve got titanium, copper, or brass available on the Kickstarter campaign.

Set into the innards of the of the Phob is where the glow comes in. Rather than relying on a tritium tube or layers of luminescent paint, it’s a solid composite insert that is nestled in, absorbing the photons as you’re out and about, and then releasing them back in the dark when you’re, say, looking for your keys.

So, obviously, you’d want to clip the Phob facing out (sort of opposite of how you’d clip a pocket knife in your pocket) so it can absorb the light. Set on a coin pocket (as shown just above), you can still have your keys hanging off the other end of the Phob, safely tucked into your pocket. Clipping it on your bag might work as well, you’ll just need to find the right configuration that let’s the Phob stay in the light, while keeping whatever you’ve got attached safely tucked away.

So, yeah, I’m a big fan of glowy stuff, and the GambleMade Phob seems like an interesting approach to a key fob that can help you keep your pockets organized, and make it easier to find your stuff in a dark room or dark bag. And, the way it’s built, you could conceivably swap out components down the road (for aesthetics or maintenance) which is always a good thing. Particularly when you’re paying $68 for a device of this sort. The campaign is well-funded at this point, and is running through December 16, 2021. Check it out over at or

Design Details

  • Premium all metal all USA construction
  • Phosphorescent composite insert
  • Integral  titanium pocket clip
  • Durable & Guaranteed
  • 2.5 inches long
  • <21 grams
  • Composed of (10) separate elements

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