Introducing: Zagg Rugged Pro Connect Case and Keyboard

I know that not everyone likes to put their iPad in a case, but I definitely do (as well as a screen protector). Just recently, Zagg released a new keyboard case for the affordable 10.2″ iPad that can also work with the Apple Pencil. Meet the Zagg Rugged Pro Connect Case and Keyboard.

As you might guess from the name (and that video up above), the Zagg Rugged Pro Connect Case and Keyboard is intended for hard usage. With the rugged protection, as well as a water-resistant keyboard design (protect from spills, as well as making it easy to wipe down), they’re aiming this at healthcare professionals. Frankly, I think it’s also a great option for protecting an iPad that you’re handing to a kid, or even an adult who’s, shall we say, not the most graceful.

With the keyboard, one thing you might worry about is running out of battery in the middle of typing up a paper or something (if you’re trying to use this instead of a laptop). Well, looks like they’ve got this configured so it’s drawing power from the iPad itself. On the bottom edge, you’ll notice it’s got a bit of a chin. This is to accomodate the connector for the ipad, and then the case has a charging connector shifted to the side. This arrangement also allows for a wired connection from the keyboard to the iPad, no bluetooth required (though the Apple Pencil still does).

That all said, the Zagg Rugged Pro Connect Case and Keyboard is not just an impulse buy of a case, as it’s more than half the price of the iPad itself. However, if you need something that’s going to protect your iPad quite well (including a built-in screen protector) and give you the ability to type on a phytsical keyboard, it’ll be ready for your hard-use scenarios. It’s available now for the 10.2″ iPad (so gen 7, 8, and 9) for $169.99 directly from

Features from Zagg

  • Rugged Drop Protection – the durable polycarbonate case provides 6.6 ft/2m of drop protection1.
  • Water-Resistant – the keyboard has an IPX2 rating2 and can withstand liquid spills, so you can simply wipe it off and keep on typing3.
  • Easy to Clean – Rugged Pro Connect can be sprayed and wiped down, so it can accommodate healthcare cleaning protocols.
  • Interlocking, “Stay-Put” Keys – the interlocking keys won’t pop off, and you get precise, clean strokes for comfortable typing.
  • Holder for Apple Pencil – the case has a fabric loop that holds the Apple Pencil so it’s always close at hand. 
  • Detachable Keyboard – the keyboard and case detach to allow for multiple uses.
  • Easy to Charge – the keyboard draws power from the iPad. You only need to charge your iPad to power the keyboard simultaneously.

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