Introducing Beckett Simonon footwear

While we’ve likely not been giving much thought to nicer shoes and boots – as we’ve not been heading to the office – but that’s going to change sooner, rather than later. Sure, you could head to the department or big box store and get some inexpensive pair, but those are only going to last for a year at most. What about something with higher-quality leather and construction? Those can be spendy, but the crew over at Beckett Simonon look to be able to deliver it at some very affordable prices.

To start with, Beckett Simonon is sourcing their leather directly from the tanneries. Well, that sounds like something any good shoe company should be doing. I can’t speak as to the sourcing of them, as they’re not as well known, but we’ll have a pair coming in, so the proof will be in how the leather looks, feels, and smells. Secondly, they’re building their boots and shoes using a Blake stitch.

The Blake stitch can result in a profile on the shoe that’s a bit more slender and close in to the upper, and aren’t nearly as bulky as those shoes using a Goodyear welt. Still, they can be resoled, and given the thinner construction, the soles should break in a lot easier, and provide a good, comfortable fit. Also, given the simpler construction, it also helps keep the costs down.

Finally, they help keep the costs down by doing the shoes in batches, also known as made-to-order. In other words, they’re not building up a huge stock to just ship out when the orders come in. Instead, they’re taking in what amounts to pre-orders, letting you know when the next manufacturing run is. Then, they build what’s been ordered and ship it out, helping keep their costs down and keeping the shoes more affordable for you and me.

Going through their catalog, they’ve got some interesting designs in their boots and shoes (and even sneakers), giving you traditional profiles, as well as some modern touches like buckles and gores, and even mixing in some pullup leather options as well.

The proof – as they say – is in the pudding, of course. To that end, we’ve been talking with the brand, and we’ll have a pair of boots coming in so we can see how these stack up to some other welted options I’ve got kicking around in my closet. While a $200 pair of shoes or boots is nothing to sneeze at, it is something that I’d consider an affordable pricepoint for a shoe that can be resoled (meaning, if you take care of the leather uppers, these can last you for not just years, but decades). Once we’ve got them in, broken in, and spent some time with them, we’ll be back with the full review and to let you know if they live up to the hype. In the mean time, you can check out the full collection over at

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