In Review: Sunjoe 24V Power Cleaner

Today marks two different milestones for Knapsack. First off, this is the very first home improvement tool that we’ve reviewed here. And let’s face it – they’re just as much of a gadget as the electronics we like to obsess about, so why not have a look at this category? Secondly, this marks our first video review (that shows up further down). With that, let’s get into it with the review of the Sunjoe 24V Power Cleaner.

If you’re like most folks, you’ve probably tried spraying something off of the pavement, either by adjusting your hose nozzle or with how your thumb is over the end of the hose. Sometimes it works (if the stuff is loose), but if it’s caked on, you’re either busting out the scrubber brush, or using something like theSunjoe 24V Power Cleaner. This is a cordless power washer, and it relies on pressure (via an internal compressor, which can hit 320 PSI) and small nozzles to shoot water out at a high-pressure, controlled stream.

TheSunjoe 24V Power Cleaner has a selector at the end of its nozzle, allowing you to go from a 40-degree spray all the way to a 0-degree Plus setting (for super hard surfaces like steel and concrete), and even a watering nozzle to get the water to those really high hanging baskets. For our test, I set it to the 25-degree nozzle for cleaning off vinyl siding on my garage. By and large that worked, but I did bump it to the 0-degree in some spots just to reach higher up without needing to get on a ladder.

Wondering how this all works in actual usage? Well, I thought it worked pretty well – just check the photo above. You can see the cleaned side on the left, and the yet-to-be-cleaned side on the right. Wonder how it actually works in person, and want to see it in action? Well, we’ve done something that’s a first for us here at KN – we’ve gone and done a video review on this device as well.

If you watched through that, you can tell I was pleasantly surprised by how well theSunjoe 24V Power Cleaner worked. If you’ve got a big job on-hand (say, like cleaning a cedar fence or house siding), this is not the tool for you. You’ll want a gas-powered power washer most likely, or have a LOT of the Sunjoe 24V batteries on hand. For smaller jobs – like a garage or shed – or just touching things up throughout the season, then this smaller cordless option I think could work quite well.

If they were looking to make improvements to theSunjoe 24V Power Cleaner, being able to rotate the spray 90 degrees would be appreciated. Sure, you can hold theSunjoe 24V Power Cleaner at an angle (and I did do that for specific spots), but if you could actually set the angle, that would be a lovely upgrade. Keeping things water-tight is the concern there, but I’m sure it could be figured out.

Charging status

It’s also worth noting that theSunjoe 24V Power Cleaner comes with a variety of accessories that we didn’t use. One is a 20-foot filtered hose that allows you to pull water from a large bucket – or even a pond or lake – without needing to run a hose out to your work area. Another piece in the kit was a scrubber brush that hooks on in the place of the sprayer nozzle, allowing you to get water and scrubbing all in one, which could also be used on your siding or other projects.

Danger, Will Robinson, danger!

At the end of the day, I found theSunjoe 24V Power Cleaner to be a competent tool for small jobs. Or for folks who don’t want to – or are put off – by a larger gas-powered power washer. Whatever the reason, if you pick one up and understand what it’s meant for, I think you’ll be happy and well-served. Pick it up and expect to clean your house in one go, then you’re setup for a bad time (unless you’ve got a lot of batteries). At $114 (direct), theSunjoe 24V Power Cleaner isn’t an expensive tool in the realm of cordless tools. And, if you are already in the Sunjoe ecosystem of 24V batteries, you can pick up the tool itself for less than $80, so you’ve got that going for you. You can pick your own up directly from the brand, or the online retailer who sells just about everything. /

Tech Specs from Sunjoe

  • Adjustable Spray Pattern: Yes
  • Battery Capacity (Ah): 2.0
  • Battery Run Time (max): 12
  • Battery Voltage (V): 24
  • Best Use: Auto/RV/Boat, Residential, Medium Clean up
  • Features
    • Cordless
    • Adjustable Spray Nozzle
    • 20’ siphon hose draws water from any fresh water source
    • 180 W brush motor
  • Hose Length (ft.): 20
  • Included: 24V Battery + Charger, Utility Brush, Extension Wand, Siphon Hose, and Hose Adapter
  • Included Accessories: Utility Brush, Extension Wand, Siphon Hose, and Hose Adapter
  • Maximum Flow Rate (gallons/min.): 0.6
  • Maximum Pressure (PSI): 350
  • Number of Spray Patterns: 5
  • Power Type: Cordless 24V Battery
  • Rated Flow (gallons/min.): 0.55
  • Rated Pressure (PSI): 320
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Washer Type: Power Cleaner
  • Water Source: Hose Fed + Siphon Hose

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