In Review: CoolWallet Pro

With crypto in the proverbial toilet, having a hardware wallet close at hand is hardly top of mind right now. But prices go up and soon you’ll want to flash your newfound wealth around. The best way to do it? CoolWallet Pro.

This credit-card sized hardware wallet is honestly quite cool. It’s basically a slab of circuitry that acts as a hardware wallet that pairs with your computer or phone. The device itself has a flat button to turn on the small e-ink screen where you can scroll through your various balances.

The app and the card together secure your crypto completely which means you can’t use the one without the other. The card, which used NFC to connect to your phone, also lets you trade, stake, and buy crypto.

Who is it for?

CoolWallet Pro is basically a cold storage wallet that’s completely portable. Because it has an onboard battery, you can carry it around with you and if it’s lost it creates a list of words that you can use to recover your funds. It’s useful if you’re traveling and you don’t want to carry a Trezor or other wallet and when you don’t trust online exchanges and wallets. In short, its a portable and secure storage system for your crypto.

As you can see, the device comes with a charging dock and syncs with your phone via NFC. It can also hold modern crypto creations like NFTs and staking tokens. This is a bit more complex but just understand that if you’re holding any kind of crypto, you need this or something like it to keep safe. For example, you can see my riches below. To fund my wallet, all I have to do is show someone my Receive QR code and then I can use the card to send crypto anywhere in the world.


The CoolWallet Pro costs $149 right now and is shipping this month. Compared to other products I’ve used this thing is devastatingly easy. All you really have to remember is to keep it charged and the iOS or Android app will do the rest. While I do enjoy devices like the Trezor, the CoolWallet Pro is quite impressive and very easy to use. I’d add more but honestly, there’s very little else to say. If you’re looking for a way to ensure you crypto riches don’t go missing, this is probably the best way to go currently.

John Biggs

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