Carved resin and wood phone case: check it out

When it comes to a phone case, we generally don’t give it much thought past how thin or bulky we want it to be, and what color it should be. Then, we slap it on our phones and go along our way, using those features to keep our phone safe, and tell it apart from others. What it, however, you could have something protective and uniquely (like, 1 of 1 unique) designed for your phone? That’s what Carved is offering with their Carved resin and wood phone cases.

Carved resin and wood phone case: What is it?

At a simple level, a Carved phone case is simply that – it’s a phone case that’s custom to your phone and model (they’ve got iPhone, Galaxy, and Pixel models). Inside, there’s a soft microfiber, the shell is rubber to protect it in a drop, and then you’ve got a raised edge (to protect the screen when it’s face down) and protection for the camera. Just like any other phone case, just about.

Where a Carved case differs is in the outer material. In the case of our review unit, there’s a wood and resin (yes, just like those coffee tables you see on Youtube) creating a very unique pattern (they have a LOT of different designs, including ones with live edges). This makes for a very unique look to things, to be sure. In our case, it’s either like looking down on Catan-style islands in the sea, or looking up through a honeycomb roof to the skies. However you view it, it gives a richness to the case that your standard plastic case can’t give.

How bulky is it?

In the photo above, you can see it compared to the very slimline Caudabe case I’ve been using. It’s just a touch thicker, and that’s mostly (we presume) to allow that wood-and-resin inlay to be part of the case. Realistically, though, this is a decently thin case, that is still offering a good amount of protection. Also worth noting? This case caused no issues with using a Qi-compatible wireless charger.

Would we recommend it?

In a word, yes. To dive into that a bit, there’s some things for you to consider. One, if you find yourself dropping your phone more often than you’d like to admit, you’ll need to figure out if this offers enough protection for you. Me, drops are a rarer thing (I still have a screen protector, though, just in case). Which means I’m looking to a case just as much for a visual differentiator as for protection.

The other thing you’ll need to consider with the Carved case is how much you’re willing to spend. On a version like what we’ve reviewed here, you’re looking at $52 (and if you go for the extremely cool-looking live-edge cases, those are $189). That’s not wildly expensive for the non-live edge, but it is probably at least double what you’re expecting for a simple slim-line injection molded case.

Watch the video review of Carved resin and wood phone case here:

We’ll also be keeping an eye on how the case holds up over time. While the wood/resin insert has dulled a touch since we got it, it still looks really good. Time will tell how the materials hold up (showing any chips or scratches) after it’s really been living life. For now, though, this is by far the coolest and most unique phone case I’ve carried. Check out the full range of carved resin and wood phone cases over at

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