HomeLog app helps you diagnose your HomeKit home automation, for iOS and Mac

HomeKit is Apple’s home automation solution, with compatible accessories from a number of vendors. But how do you diagnose it in the rare occasion it doesn’t work perfectly?

HomeKit generally works without issue. There are some vendors that are less reliable than others (*cough* WeMO *cough*) and most problems stem from Wi-Fi issues.

But how can you know what’s not working, and in which circumstances? For this, you need logs. Logs that Apple doesn’t provide.

HomeLog for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS (Big Sur and later), shows you all your devices, automations, and logs. On iOS, the app has to be running and active in order to log, due to limitations that Apple puts in place.

The app has filters, so you can mark things as important, or hide noisy events to manage the logs. More features are planned, including remote access of the logs on the Mac from an iOS device, with graphs.

What kind of logs do you get? Well, currently, it logs any change in a value from a device, whether the device changes from reachable or not, and if a scene is activated or deactivated.

When it comes to troubleshooting, the app won’t tell you why something went offline, but it will tell you exactly when, so that you can attempt to figure out why a device is not responsive.

HomeLog is 4.99 USD on the App Store.

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