Cat 60V 16″ chainsaw (Reviewed)

When it comes to tools to take care of your property, we’ve had more and more choices. Used to be, your major choice was between getting something gas-powered, or one that you needed to run an extension cord to where you were working. Of course, higher-capacity lithium-ion batteries have changed the game. One of the more recent releases we’ve become aware of is the Cat 60V 16″ chainsaw.

Cat 60V 16" chainsaw

Now, for me, I’ve not used many chainsaws, as I simply don’t have a need living in the suburbs (a pruning saw and cordless hedge trimmers have made the cut here). Still, in my experience with cordless outdoor equipment, the advantages all translate here to the chainsaw. Easier startup, much less maintenance, and a quieter time as you’re working. All good things.

For this release, the Cat 60V 16″ chainsaw comes with a 2.5 Ah battery and quick charger, and the standard 16″ bar with tool-less chain tensioning. We also like the fact that it’s relying on a brushless motor, which has a lot of advantages (more on that here). If you want to pick one up, they’re going for $279 (with the battery and charger) on Amazon or $299 over at Tractor Supply. Just want more details? Then you can get those over at

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