Afternoon Beer Break: Left Hand Milk Stout

Sometime next week, a number of folks around the world may be lifting a pint to a fellow who used to call Ireland home. While I don’t celebrate the day, per se, as I share a name with this historical figure, I can’t help but to feel an affinity with it. Given that, I was quite pleased when I saw this special can Left Hand Milk Stout come in with it’s green shamrock on the can.

Let’s be very up front about this – inside the can, this is the very same Left Hand Milk Stout that you no doubt are familiar with. Same malty nose, same deep brown (almost black) color with a creamy tan head, same smooth and sweet taste. If for some reason you’re not familiar with it – and you like stouts – you owe it to yourself to try some.

In the world of stouts, there are all sorts of lovely variants that have adjuncts and other flavors coming in. But if you’re looking for your standard, easy-drinking dark stout, the Left Hand Milk Stout is where you go. Sure, it’s a touch sweeter (thanks, milk sugars!) than your regular stout (for instance, a Guinness), but it will be at once familiar and comfortable with any prior stout experiences.

So, why opt for the Left Hand Milk Stout rather than something that originated in Dublin? Well, as the can says, it’s “America’s Stout”. Brewed proudly out in Longmont, Colorado, it’s a beer as American as any of us, yeah? And I’m by no means Irish, so why not go for something American-made?

In the end, of course, it’s a matter of personal preference. If you’ve not tried the Left Hand Milk Stout, I’d really recommend you seek it out. It’s a solid headliner offering from Left Hand you can find all year ’round. And of course now, you should be able to locate this special green-and-shamrock packaging for your celebrations – or just casual sipping in your chair.

Details from Left Hand Brewing

STYLEMilk Stout
GLASSStout Glass
MALT2-Row, Crystal, Chocolate, Munich, Rolled Oats, Flaked Barley, Roasted Barley
HOPSCTZ, Golding
TEMPPour 40–45ºF & Enjoy 50–55ºF

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