5 must-have gadgets for Memorial Day outdoor activities

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Whether you’re cracking beers on the patio or searing some cauliflower steaks, gadgets can make your Memorial Day that much better. We recommend finding things that are wireless and that will connect to your cellphone so you can control your grill, your speakers, and even your steak(!!) remotely.

The Top 5 Outdoor Gadgets for Your Memorial Day Party

  1. The Meater Smart Thermometer – $69 – The Meater is a must-have for the outdoor barbecue fanatic. The device will send you notifications when your meat is done thanks to a wireless spike thermometer that connects to your phone via Bluetooth. It’s an amazing product and a great way to ensure you don’t burn the burgers.
  2. Bose Portable Smart Speaker – $399 – If you’re looking to fit sound into all your rooms, the Bose Smart Speaker works best. The device is, as the name suggests, portable and supports most music streaming services. It also allows you to connect multiple speakers and even Bose soundbars, creating a whole home experience for your evening of entertainment.
  3. Traeger Ironwood Grill – $3,499 – We love Traeger’s pellet grills. They let you cook at high temperatures, sear and smoke meat, and make a mean hot dog. These smart devices connect to your phone which means you can leave the house for a bike ride and know that your brisket is still cooking. It’s well worth the investment.
  4. Infinity X1 4000 Lumens Flashlight – $79 – The Infinity X1 4000 lumens flashlight is one of the brightest flashlights on the market. It’s a bit bolt – this thing really lights up a campsite or patio – but you will love being able to see absolutely everything at night.
  5. Costway Car Refrigerator, 55-Quart Dual-zone Electric Cooler – $289 – This super cool cooler will chill your food and beers for hours thanks to a built-in low-power refrigerator system and a super-solid design that reduces heat loss. Why use a regular old cooler when you can use something that actively cools your goodies?

For your convenience, watch the video version of 5 must-have gadgets for Memorial Day here:

Top 5 reasons to use high-tech gadgets for outdoor parties

  1. They are convenient: Wireless gadgets eliminate complex wiring and cables, making setup and teardown quick and hassle-free. You can easily place speakers, lights, and other devices wherever you want without worrying about cable management.
  2. Mobility: Wireless technology allows for easy mobility – whether you’re repositioning speakers, adjusting lighting, or controlling music from a distance.
  3. Aesthetics are great: Outdoor parties benefit from a clean and uncluttered setup. Going wireless eliminates visible cables and cords.
  4. Safety: Using wireless gadgets minimizes tripping hazards caused by tangled cables or wires that could otherwise pose safety risks to your guests.
  5. They are Versatile: Wireless gadgets offer versatility in terms of connectivity options. Whether you’re using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or other wireless protocols, you can easily connect and control multiple devices simultaneously, like and smart lighting systems.

Overall, using wireless gadgets for outdoor parties offers convenience, mobility, aesthetics, safety, versatility, expandability, and portability.

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